Workers Compensation Insurance Nevada

Workers Compensation Insurance Nevada (or Workers Comp Insurance) is a state-mandated business insurance that covers your employees’ medical expenses and lost wages if ever they are injured or become ill while at work. It also covers a portion of the cost of services that an employee would need to recover from an injury or illness.

There’s a common misconception that workers compensation insurance is just another overhead expense. This could not be further from the truth. A good workers compensation protects not just your employees, but also your business. For instance, this type of insurance can protect your company from being sued by employees due to unhealthy workplace conditions and the like.

As a leading business insurance provider in Nevada, Altus Insurance Group has the expertise, the experience, and the network to offer comprehensive workers compensation coverage, from providing quality medical treatment for injured or ill workers to closing and resolving claims in the most efficient manner.

Your workers are among your most valuable assets, and you need to keep them safe at work. Make sure that your employees — and also your company — are protected with good workers compensation insurance Nevada.

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