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Cyber Risk Exposure SCORECARD- How do you score??

In recent years, cyber attacks have emerged as one of the most significant threats facing organizations of all sizes. It is important to remember that no organization is immune to the impact of cyber crime. When cyber attacks (such as data breaches and hacks) occur, they can result in devastating damage, such as business disruptions, […]

Cyber Risks & Liabilities

Cyber Security for Small Businesses High-profile cyber attacks on companies such as Target and Sears have raised awareness of the growing threat of cyber crime. Recent surveys conducted by the Small Business Authority, Symantec, Kaspersky Lab and the National Cybersecurity Alliance suggest that many small business owners are still operating under a false sense of […]


OSHA Publishes New Rule Regarding Slip, Trip and Fall Protection OSHA recently published a final rule to update the standards regarding walking-working surfaces, as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) meant to protect employees from slip, trip and fall hazards. According to the agency, the final rule is meant to increase consistency between the general […]

Altus Insurance Group Builds on Strengths with Orgill/Singer Partnership

Altus Insurance Group, a leading provider of casualty and property insurance in Northern Nevada, has recently partnered with Orgill/Singer & Associates, Inc. The partnership is expected to spur opportunity statewide for both parties. Reno-based Altus Insurance will continue to operate under the same name and leadership. Orgill/Singer, a major insurance brokerage firm headquartered in Las […]

Commercial Liability Insurance is Common Sense

If you own or operate a credible business in Nevada, you carry liability insurance. It’s really that simple. If you don’t because you think you’re saving money, you need to reconsider your stance. If you’re starting a business and liability isn’t a line item in your projected operating budget, get in there. Why the insistence? […]

Is Your Small Business Ready For A Data Breach?

One of the most important ways to protect your small business is with liability insurance, but what about Cyber Liability Coverage? Getting cyber liability coverage is now a must, because a data breach can happen any time and affect any kind of business. A data breach is a sudden event wherein personally identifiable information is compromised. Hackers, […]

Stay Ahead of the HACK!

Did you know that the average cost of an organizational data breach is $5.4 million? Or that 55% of small businesses experienced a data breach? No business is data breach-proof and it’s not enough to get just a regular business liability insurance. Make sure your insurance has a cyber liability coverage. Be ready with a […]

Additional Employee Benefits at Absolutely No Cost

Business owners can retain the best employees with a good health insurance coverage and additional employee benefits. With Travelers Benefits Plus®, providing more benefits to your employees has never been easier or more affordable. This new program is designed specifically for companies that are looking to provide more employee benefits at no extra cost. Employees can apply for auto, […]

Commercial Liability Insurance Prices are Still on the Rise

During the first quarter of 2014, researchers found that commercial liability insurance prices rose by nearly five percent. A survey was conducted by Towers Watson to compare prices for different underwritten policies at different points in time. While prices kept growing, the increases noted were the smallest researchers had seen in about two years. They […]