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It’s about knowing your risk or risking your future.

Affordable Business Insurance in Nevada

When you do something well, you gain the trust of others. When it comes to Nevada business insurance – whether it’s personal, professional, or general commercial liability – our clients see us as trusted partners in the success of their endeavors.

As a professional, you never know when a disgruntled client, employee, or patient will reward your services with a serious lawsuit. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to cause severe injury to a person to face a liability lawsuit. Mistakes, oversights, mix-ups and accidents do happen and sometimes these unfortunate events have profound effects on people’s lives.

As an individual, adding personal liability insurance or coverage, also known as umbrella coverage, to your auto and homeowners policies can protect your finances from expensive lawsuits. You’ve worked hard for what you have – a beautiful home, cars, retirement plan, and more. These investments are more than measures of success; they are your financial future. All of these prized possessions could be at risk in the event of an accident or liability lawsuit.

With your best interests in mind, Altus Insurance Group was formed to provide comprehensive yet affordable Nevada business insurance including:

In today’s economic climate, professional liability insurance and personal liability insurance are things most businesses and individuals simply must have. Get in touch with Altus Insurance Group today to learn how we can help you protect your assets with the right coverage.


“You are the best to work with and we appreciate everything you do for AGC.”

-Melinda Elizondo
Membership Director – Nevada Chapter AGC